Mailing List Services

National Change of Address (NCOA): Essential service to keep your store file up-to-date with postal records. We’ll notify you if any of your customers have moved in the last 18 or 48 months, and provide their current address.

• 18 Month NCOA Service: $75 up to 10,000 records, $100 up to 20,000, $150 up to 35,000 • 48 Month NCOA Service: $125 up to 10,000 records, $185 up to 20,000, $275 up to 35,000.

Prospecting Rental Lists: Find local family that fit your customer profile. Select names by zip code, income, presence of kids, age, etc. Rent the names for a single mailing, for 12 months of unlimited use. Source codes available to track your response with mail panel coupons.

• $70/thousand one-time use • $100/thousand unlimited 12-month use • $300 minimum • 15% discount 3-,000+ records

Resident/Occupant Lists: Select carrier routes and mail to all households in those neighborhoods with discounted postal rates. Also see Every Door Direct.

• $20/thousand (one-time use only) • $100 minimum • 15% discount 30,000+

Merge/Purge Service: Removes duplicates within a single or multiple lists.

• $225 for up to 2 lists • add $30 each additional file • add $75 files 50,000+ • Rush fee of $100 applies to Holiday Catalog lists sent after June 23, 2014

Append Service: Compile multiple lists without de-duplication service.

•$30 per additional file.

List Clean-Up or other file manipulation: Standardize your list file, remove incomplete addresses, etc.


Every Door Direct: No mailing list is required for this
“saturation-type” mailing. Use tool at to select neighborhoods. We ship catalogs or flyers to you to bundle and deliver to your local post office already imprinted with the EDDM permit and mail panel. Saturation postage rates apply (estimated postage $0.20-.25 per piece).

Email Append Service: Ask us about our new service to provide opt-in email addresses to match your direct mail campaigns. Get in front of your current and prospective customers multiple times to generate maximum response.


What our clients are saying

We have been completely happy with Catalog Solutions after transferring over a few years ago. It was a smooth process and the staff was flexible and personable with all the questions and concerns we had. We, at Education Express, are pleased with our decision to team up with Catalog Solutions.
Morgan WomackEducation Express, NC