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Display Panels
Showcase materials with professional, versatile systems from The Miller Group. Eye-catching, dual-sided panels in variety of display surfaces are multi-functional. Easily set-up for special events
and store for next time. Or, use the Portable Panel to move from area to area. Use steel-framed panels individually or combine in assortment of con gurations.
Display surface options. Specify your color selection:
LT – loop fabric mounted over tackboard to easily attach & remove items with hook tab circles. Choice of 8 fabric colors: silver, blue, black, charcoal, red, green, yellow, white; metal color gray or beige
VT – vinyl tackboard has a textured surface & accepts staples, push pins or tacks. Metal color: gray
PP – Painted pegboard is ideal for three-dimensional items with pegboard hooks. Choose your Pegboard and Metal colors. Create the color scheme to match your space. Colors: white black, light gray, charcoal
GR – 2" x 2" Grid for open, modern presentation; use clips to hang heavier items. Color for both Pegboard and Metal include: black, white, gray, charcoal, bronze DM – decorative metal provides ornate background to feature artwork and more. Metal surface accepts magnets, hooks. Metal colors: black, white, charcoal, bronze, gray
Three Pack Panels - use connected in a variety of arrangements. Support feet not required.
DE3-456-VT 3 pack - Vinyl Tackboard DE3-456-LT 3 pack - Fabric
Single & Portable Panels. Support feet required. LTC-456 Single - Fabric
VTC-456 Single - Vinyl Tackboard
PPC-456 Single - Pegboard, Painted
GRC-456 Single - Grid
DMC-456 Single - Decorative Metal
F-056 Support Feet (Pair). One pair required for Single Panel
$584.00 $459.00 $449.00 $563.00 $557.00
Full-Size Display and Exhibit Panels Configurations

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